How we work

We strain after a long-term reliable partnership with every client. Therefore, we thrash out the selection strategy in each individual case, understanding that every project is unique.

Selection stages

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Since IT recruiting is very unpredictable, and we are used to talking about everything openly, showing you real stages, which sometimes, especially in complex cases, are cyclic and repeat until the candidate starts working =)
Vacancy kick-off meeting
We discuss with you the role's requirements, learn about the specifics of the project and the position, make a decision on cooperation, sign an agreement and start the search.
Pool of finalists
We coordinate a series of interviews with the finalists, help in the offer formation, inform you about the intentions and motivation of candidates.

Together with you, we are waiting for the offer acceptance. If the candidate doesn't accept the offer, we analyze the reason, work out ways of motivation, continue the search until we find the perfect specialist for you.

Within 4 days after the job opening discussion, we show you the first candidates' CVs, conduct a series of interviews, collect feedback, support you and the candidate at all selection stages.
As soon as an IT specialist starts working for your company, our service is considered to be provided. We rejoice in our joint success and look forward to new openings!
IT recruiting is a challenging but inspiring profession. The higher the compatibility of the candidate and the company, the faster the innovative IT products develop. This means that our world becomes the best place to live.
- The Lucky Hunter team

Candidate replacement guarantee

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Despite the fact that it doesn't depend on us how your relations with the candidate will structure, and the final decision is always made by the client, we understand that you want to feel safe. Therefore, we provide an employee replacement guarantee.

If the candidate found by our team leaves the company within 60 days after he or she starts working for your company, we undertake to make a single-time free candidate replacement.
But bank on it: we are pursuing the goal of finding a specialist who will be working at your company for many years. Therefore, we do our best to find your ideal specialist.

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